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    The Ilha's main traditional habour

    Don't make mistakes, the sea colour isn't always sky blue around the Island, but incredibly turquoise or brightly green according to the tides or mostly a mix of all these colours. The harbour's also a mix ... of people coming or going, including tourists going snorkelling to nearby small islands.

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    Aloe Arborescens DBL

    Cape chairs and local travel boxes join modern comfort... so we hope! In the back the bath area wall and the island typical window seats. You rest there and listen unseen to the walking people chats. Read More

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    Ancient building traditions

    Buildings can be 200 or 300 year old ... or more, made of coral stones and coral lime, and huge beams and joists made of now rare Iron Wood. Many rooms proud themselves of totally original construction. Woods polished back to original splendour are amazing to see after years and years of neglect.

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    Aloe Vera Bathroom Wall

    Behind the round shape is the inbuilt bathroom. The many tricks of humidity. The spider-web design is a natural change of the original plain yellow colour. The Island is able to impose its own taste on walls and colours!
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    Each room is unique

    High beds, traditional furniture and antique pieces, recovered from oblivion by the patience of Judy are colourfully joined for accompanying your relax. Every room and angle is a small discovery and a search for changing beauty.

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    Our breakfast

    Food and presentation help each other and some etiquette improves both. What we offer is a choice of homemade goodies. Guests eat at our table with us. A good morning and quiet chat help appreciating all the above. Furthermore Bruno likes history and telling stories of his past... some are even interesting!

Jardim dos Aloes Main Page

Our Breakfast

We have a garden producing several kinds of vegetables and fruits. Our most famous product on the Island is “rucola” (rocket) with which we supply several culinary fans on the Island and in Nampula, but also English spinach and Italian chicory. In season we also have plenty of papaya, ata, tamarind, mulberry and a full plantation of aloes. Some of these are used in our breakfast, in which we like to add local mangoes, pineapple and bananas as well as other seasonal fruits.
The breakfast starts with fresh juices made from the above fruits, often mixed with aloe gel depending on the taste of our guests.
We also offer a choice of breads, some homemade, accompanied with cheese, ham, salami or bacon with eggs or alternatively a spinach kitsch or a similar specialty. These are accompanied with a choice of teas, including our own lemon grass, mint, or filter and Italian style coffee.
Additionally we offer a choice of at least four of our jams, of which the Aloe Flower Jams are the most typical. Honey is also on offer. These are accompanied by butter and our ricotta cheese. Of course they go with our breads, but some friends and clients do not resist eating the jams directly … with their fingers!
Finally we have our own homemade yogurt with fresh fruit, syrups or honey. Our muesli can be combined with yogurt or fresh milk. Alternatively, or as an extra dish, we might have Italian “Crostata”, English fruitcake, Ilha fried bananas, chocolate muffins, or something similar. If you are on a diet, you won’t need to have lunch after all that! You can then book our evening dinner … another culinary experience! People who are not staying at the B&B can be invited by the guests with previous day booking or they can book directly. For them, the price for breakfast is $ 20.

Afternoon Ice-Cream

Ice-creams and sorbets don’t come only as part of our dinner but can be ordered any time by our guests and be tasted at 5 o’clock by non-guests, but with advanced booking. Non-guests have also the chance to visit the premise to see the work already done and have a first hand idea of the traditional lime and stone building techniques. It is in fact an Ilha ruling that all old houses can actually be visited by tourists and this is our way of complying with it. Our ice-creams and sorbets are all made in our kitchen only using original ingredients and no shortcuts: milk cream, fruits, nuts, cacao, liquors, sugar, etc. We are sure that the taste shows it… and both guests and friends confirm it! Depending on your chance, you can have chocolate with piri piri, wishey, almond, malaga, etc. as ice-creams, or lemon grass, yellow lemon, basil, mulberry, banana, etc. as sorbets. Of course always served in our old fashioned style! Your contribution is tasting and $ 6 for guests and $ 7 for non-guests (but do not forget that this service must be booked in advance by non-guests).

Our dinner invitation

A good eating experience is a combination of ingredients, a perfect handling of spices and a good imagination to accommodate all these together.
In our "historical" environment, you can enjoy your meal with cutlery and crockery from the past collected on the Ilha tasting our interpretation of good cooking, mixing traditional and unusual flavours, with interesting conversation and etiquette. in a unique and romantic environment. All this will be sitting at our own table with us. Many accompanying ingredients are from our own garden.
Your treat will start with aperitif and antipasto, then a first course follows, pasta, consommé or a special soup depending on what is next, fish, meat or pasticcio and accompanying contornos, and finally fruits and our own ice creams and sorbets close the meal without forgetting coffee and digestive.
Book in advance for a minimum of two people and a maximum of eight. Your contribution is your company and $ 60 per person($ 50 if you are a B&B guest).

Jams and Fresh Aloe Gel Products

Bruno has been making and inventing jams since the seventies. In the eighties discovered the magic aloe. Ever since the two have intermingled. A good jam is one that has little sugar and cooks quickly. In this way you can insure to keep the fruit taste. Aloe, besides the medicinal effects of the plant, being the oldest medicament archeologically known, is full of pectin hence excellent for helping fruits to jellify. Therefore Jardim dos Aloes jams are all made with aloe gel in pieces or in juicy form. But the "piece de resistance" is surely the Aloe Flower Jams. Aloe flowers are mixed with fruits and nuts according to the inventive mood of the moment. The Aloe Flower with citrus or lemon is divine! Then there are many other fruit jams of which our garden mulberry is a star.
Aloe has over 200 active principles and might cure like a homeopathic substance. There are over 350 varieties of the aloe plant only in Africa. The most famous is Aloe Vera Barbadensis (very productive and easy to work) but the fullest of active principles are the Aloe Ferox (Cape Aloe), Aloe Arborescens, Aloe Chinensis. However books say that yet no chemical and industrial preservation system is able to maintain all the properties of fresh aloe gel. Fresh gel can be maintained up to 2 week in the cold and darkness, longer only for skin care.
Besides several other not so famous varieties, we have a garden plantation of Aloe Vera and of the similar local Aloe Massawana, but also plants of the strategic Ferox and Arborescens.
rates of Jams and Aloe Gel vary from $ 5 to $ 7 according to size.

Our sailing with Himalú III

Our yacht is a French Gilbert Marine, 24” Seagull, with a strategic centreboard that allows navigating in 40 cm of water when up and sleeping on the beach, with the whole boat. She has a small kitchen, fridge and bathroom and sleeps 4 people. She is fully equipped with all instruments, FM radio and a 15hp engine.
Mozambique Island and surrounding areas are a mix of coral areas and sand with transparent and colourful waters, normally blessed by constant fresh breezes that make sailing a real pleasure.

Bruno is the skipper and one local seaman joins when necessary. Matibane and Lunga bays are astonishingly beautiful sites only 2-4 hours away, worth spending at least one night there with the almost certainty of seeing dolphins as well as whales on the course, the latter during the delivery season. A short boat trip at sunset, including swimming and a glass of wine can also easily be organized at US$ 20 person for guests and US$ 25 person for non-guests.

Sailing guest rates
Hours 1 - 2 PP 3 PP 4 PP
12 Hrs.
36 Hrs. (1 night)
60 Hrs. (2 nights)
4 people are allowed only if at least 2 have good sailing experience
Meals and drinks in appropriate quantities are included
Sailing non-guest rates
Hours 1 - 2 PP 3 PP 4 PP
12 Hrs.
36 Hrs. (1 night)
60 Hrs. (2 nights)
4 people are allowed only if at least 2 have good sailing experience
Meals and drinks in appropriate quantities are included