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    The Ilha's main traditional habour

    Don't make mistakes, the sea colour isn't always sky blue around the Island, but incredibly turquoise or brightly green according to the tides or mostly a mix of all these colours. The harbour's also a mix ... of people coming or going, including tourists going snorkelling to nearby small islands.

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    Aloe Arborescens DBL

    Cape chairs and local travel boxes join modern comfort... so we hope! In the back the bath area wall and the island typical window seats. You rest there and listen unseen to the walking people chats. Read More

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    Ancient building traditions

    Buildings can be 200 or 300 year old ... or more, made of coral stones and coral lime, and huge beams and joists made of now rare Iron Wood. Many rooms proud themselves of totally original construction. Woods polished back to original splendour are amazing to see after years and years of neglect.

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    Aloe Vera Bathroom Wall

    Behind the round shape is the inbuilt bathroom. The many tricks of humidity. The spider-web design is a natural change of the original plain yellow colour. The Island is able to impose its own taste on walls and colours!
    Read More

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    Each room is unique

    High beds, traditional furniture and antique pieces, recovered from oblivion by the patience of Judy are colourfully joined for accompanying your relax. Every room and angle is a small discovery and a search for changing beauty.

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    Our breakfast

    Food and presentation help each other and some etiquette improves both. What we offer is a choice of homemade goodies. Guests eat at our table with us. A good morning and quiet chat help appreciating all the above. Furthermore Bruno likes history and telling stories of his past... some are even interesting!

Jardim dos Aloes Main Page

What we can presently offer!

From the completed western area, we can offer hospitality in our two-floor-suite/apartment, in the nearby double bedroom or in the opposite newest Aloe Ciliaris suite, upon your choice. In addition within the premises we have a kitchen, a balcony, two balconies, a panoramic roof terrace and a friendly entrance yard dominated by an ancient Veranda.
Works are ongoing on the second and third areas included in the rest of the 1800 square meters of the property, but as said the end is… not yet in site!

A welcome tea, coffee or fresh fruit juice is offered to all guests upon arrival. Our rates also include breakfast with many of our home and garden products; fresh aloe gel for skin and sun protection and shaving care (more effective than any other product), … as well as a lot of “simpatia”… well … we hope!
As described here, upon request we can provide also a special dinner, five-o’clock ice-cream, our jams and fresh aloe gel, fresh or dry lemon grass and other garden products according to the season.
Finally, we have a 24” yacht for short or weekend trips to the small surrounding islands and continental areas where you can enjoy activities such as fishing, snorkeling as well as whale watching (in the proper season).

We are in contact with other tourist operators on the island for services like historical and folkloric sightseeing, traditional dhow sailing, kayak exploring, snorkelling and taxi services.
On the island, both in the “lime and stone town” and in the “macuti” area, there are several very good restaurants, coffee bars, local style eating and drinking venues, a few tourist and handicraft shops and as well as other interesting areas, including a local tailor who makes dresses out of traditional “capulanas” (a colourful cloth used in a thousand different ways that make the local ladies so fascinating), ordinary food shops, vegetable and fish markets, bread street-side vendors.
All these spots can be visited with local guides or discovered on a stroll around the town. What we advise our friends and guests is to start with a guided bicycle tour of the island to get a full and immediate feeling of the people and architecture of the Ilha.
In any of your walking and explorations be ready to be accompanied by children of all ages … until you loose your tourist outlook and become known to the local people.
There are plenty of other interesting place “on the continent” just next to the Island, like the old railway terminal and barge peer in Lumbo, the British Memorial Cemetery, a cultural centre portraying a traditional macuti hat with next a local hat accommodation, typical small villages and the Mossuril peninsula with amazing beaches and lagoons and historical buildings.
All these venues added to the sightseeing of the next page and the sailing activities ensure that a tourist can spend a full week in the Island enjoying the relax of the B&B house and the external activities without getting bored for lack of choice.
For any specific programme, please contact us.